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Explore the rich history and serene beauty of The Monongahela Cemetery through our diverse collection of photographs. Our current, seasonal, photo gallery invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquil landscapes and quiet corners of our 160-acre sanctuary.  Honor the service and sacrifice of our nation's heroes in our Veterans gallery, where photographs commemorate the bravery and dedication of those who served.  Step back in time with our "Through the Years" imagery, which chronicles the evolution of our cemetery throughout the late-1800s and 1900s - capturing moments of reflection, tradition, and community.  Delve into the rich history of our cemetery with our Historic gallery, showcasing the faces behind our enduring legacy. Whether you're seeking solace in nature, exploring the past, or paying tribute to our veterans and community leaders, our galleries offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of The Monongahela Cemetery.


Honor the service and sacrifice of our nation's heroes in our dedicated Veterans Section.  Established in 1863 at the height of the Civil War, The Monongahela Cemetery holds a special place in honoring those who served.  At the request of the Starkweather Post 60 of the Grand Army of the Republic in 1871, the first veteran's section was created, later expanding due to overwhelming demand.  The veteran's plot was adorned with a flagpole and three Parrott Rifled Cannons donated by the War Department, serving as poignant reminders of their bravery.  Explore photographs capturing the solemn beauty of this section, including the Civil War memorial and cannons.  In 1924, the American Legion Frank Downer Post 302 requested land to create a Legion Section, underscoring the cemetery's commitment to honoring veterans. Today, the cemetery holds the remains of over 7,000 veterans from various conflicts.  Join us in paying tribute to these courageous individuals who have served our country with honor and dignity.


Step back in time with our collection of historical photos, capturing the evolution of The Monongahela Cemetery.  These images offer a glimpse into the rich history and timeless beauty of our grounds.  Explore snapshots of our early cemetery chapel, a prominent landmark since its construction in 1894 by local architect F.P. Keller and the Yohe Brothers.  Marvel at the grandeur of our historic mausoleums, standing as enduring tributes to those laid to rest within.  Witness the transformation of our landscape with images of the cemetery pond and “lake,” serving as tranquil havens amidst the summer heat.  Admire the intricate craftsmanship of our entrance gates, welcoming visitors with dignity and grace for over a century.  Experience the passage of time through these captivating photographs, each frame telling a story of tradition, resilience, and reverence.


Embark on a journey through the Historical Gallery of The Monongahela Cemetery, where the faces of our past come to life.  Images include the public house of Caleb Harvey, where the pivotal meeting took place in 1863 that served as the genesis of our cemetery.  Explore the steadfast leadership of early pioneers like John Nelson, the inaugural Superintendent, whose unwavering dedication shaped the very fabric of our cemetery.  These images invite reflection upon the enduring legacy forged by these trailblazers, ensuring the preservation of our history for generations to come.  Marvel at snapshots capturing the daily operations of the cemetery, from early “haying” and surveying work – to the diligent work of "The Monongahela Cemetery Force" in 1915 – to the tender moments of burial services, including a poignant tribute to a fallen Civil War veteran in the late 1800s.  These photographs serve as windows into our past, honoring the legacy of those who laid the foundation upon which we stand today.