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We strive to provide comprehensive support during your time of need.  Our Resources page offers curated lists of local establishments and guidance on a variety of services essential for funeral planning and memorials. You will find trusted resources for floral arrangements, obituaries, wake planning, funeral services, and church services. Additionally, we provide information on lodging options for out-of-town guests to ensure their stay is comfortable. For those interested in exploring their loved one's heritage, we offer resources for historical research and genealogical records. Let us assist you in every aspect of honoring and remembering your loved one with dignity and care.

We can help you find the perfect floral arrangement to honor your loved one. Our comprehensive list of local florists ensures you can find beautiful and meaningful flowers for any service or memorial. Whether you need traditional wreaths, elegant bouquets, or custom designs, these florists can accommodate your needs. Explore our recommended florists to add a personal touch to your tribute. Let us assist you in selecting arrangements that convey your sentiments with grace and beauty.  Click here to access our florist directory.

Crafting a heartfelt obituary is a vital part of commemorating your loved one’s life. We provide guidance and resources to help you write a meaningful and respectful tribute. Our directory of local newspapers and online platforms can help you publish the obituary to reach family and friends near and far. We can also offer tips on content and structure to ensure the obituary truly reflects the essence of your loved one’s life and legacy. Let us support you in sharing their story.  Click here to access our obituary directory.

Choosing the right funeral home is essential for planning a respectful and smooth service. Our curated list of local funeral homes offers a range of services to meet your needs. From traditional funerals to personalized memorials, these professionals provide compassionate care and expert assistance. Explore our recommendations to find a funeral home that aligns with your preferences and budget. We are here to help you make informed decisions during this challenging time. Click here to view our funeral home directory.

Finding a place of worship for your loved one’s service can provide comfort and solace. We have compiled a list of local churches that offer funeral and memorial services to support your spiritual needs. Whether you seek a traditional service or a more contemporary approach, these churches provide welcoming spaces for your family and friends to gather and honor your loved one. Let us assist you in finding the right setting for a meaningful service. Connect with local faith communities to support your journey.  Click here to view our church directory.

Planning a wake allows family and friends to come together and share memories. We offer resources and tips to help you organize a heartfelt and respectful wake. From venue suggestions to catering options, our guide covers all aspects of planning this important gathering. Explore our advice to create a warm and comforting environment for attendees. Let us help you honor your loved one’s memory with a thoughtful and well-planned wake.  Click here to view our wake planning directory.

Providing lodging information for out-of-town guests is an important part of planning a service. We offer a list of local accommodations to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay. From hotels to cozy bed-and-breakfasts, our recommendations cater to a variety of preferences and budgets. Help your family and friends feel welcome and cared for during their visit. Let us assist you in arranging convenient lodging for those who come to pay their respects.  Click here to access our lodging directory. 

Delving into historical research can enrich your understanding of a loved one’s heritage and legacy. We provide resources and guidance for exploring genealogical records and local archives. Whether you’re compiling a family history or seeking details about a specific ancestor, our tools and recommendations can help. Connect with The Monongahela Historical Society, Monongahela Area Library, and other institutions to uncover fascinating stories and connections. Let us support your journey into the past to honor and remember your loved one’s life.  Click here to view our research directory.


For any additional needs or special requests, our dedicated office staff is here to assist you. Whether you have questions about resources not listed on this page or require personalized support, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are committed to helping you through every step of this journey with compassion and care. Our team is available to provide information, answer your queries, and facilitate any specific arrangements you may need. Contact us today to ensure all your needs are met with the utmost attention and respect.



-  Only real or artificial flowers or wreaths permitted on graves.

-  Planting and placing of flowers permitted in a bed one (1) foot wide; at the head of the grave or in front of marker or monument.

-  Artificial flowers are permitted throughout the year.

-  Live flowers are permitted from May 1st to November 1st.

-  Christmas decorations are permitted from November 1st to March 1st.


-  Decorations that present safety hazards (e.g. vigil lights, glass objects, stone chips, portable containers, etc.)

-  Items that create cemetery maintenance problems (e.g. trees, shrubs, perennial plants, etc.)

-  Anything that distracts from the natural beauty of the cemetery.

-  Decorations that are injurious to the general good appearance of the cemetery.

-  Pets, loitering, bicycles, and trail vehicles.

Thank you for your consideration. 

If you need further assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact our staff at: 724.258.8750


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