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Through our Perpetual Adornment Service, we ensure the lasting cultivation of flowers at your loved one's gravesite by our skilled caretakers.  This ongoing tribute honors their memory and provides a comforting oasis for family members and friends to visit and reflect upon their legacy.  There is a one-time fee for this service, which is done perpetually thereafter.  For Easter, we provide live seasonal flowers of the cemetery's choice.  For Memorial Day, we offer live zinnias and vincas.  For Christmas, we place a live pine wreath on an easel at your loved one's site.  Pricing is per grave, and we offer adornment packages for either one, two, or all three of our listed occasions throughout each year.

Easter - Live seasonal flowers of cemetery's choice

Memorial Day - Live zinnias and vincas

Christmas - Live pine wreath on easel




Perpetual adornment per grave for one service per year


Perpetual adornment per grave for two services per year


Perpetual adornment per grave for three services per year


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