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Columbariums have become increasingly popular among individuals opting for cremation, seeking a dignified and permanent location to inter urns. In response to this growing preference, the Cemetery proudly announces the construction of a solid granite, above-ground columbarium. This elegant 64-niche octagonal design will enhance the beauty and distinction of the cemetery grounds.

Columbariums serve as enduring and public sites where families can entrust the respectful and protected placement of urns, offering a serene final resting place for loved ones. Each niche within the columbarium accommodates two urns, ensuring the preservation of cremated remains within the sturdy granite walls, with provisions for two inurnments per niche.

This thoughtful addition to our cemetery provides families and friends with a tranquil setting to visit and honor their departed loved ones, fostering a sense of solace and connection amidst the serenity of our grounds.

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